Sunday, 23 June 2013

Monday Day Dreaming

I'm officially odd, because instead of dreading that Monday morning feeling, I genuinely relish it.  I feel my most inspired on a Monday, full of beans for the week ahead, along with a giant 'to-do' list to handle.  

The week ahead sees lots of new products arriving at Butterfly lane HQ so check our 'new in' page daily.  The team and myself also have two countryside events where we will be showcasing our lovely collection, surrounded by luscious greenery and hopefully champagne!  

But here are a few images that have got me all of a tizz this Monday morning...

I love this fresh, summery room!  White on cream on grey...what's not to love?

Wedding season is upon us (more of that to come), and this decadent, sparkling room is divine and I haven't even started to rave about that buffet!

A timeless room for a Monday morning read.

Oh dreaming of sunny get-aways...I would love an al fresco dining experience here!

Lazy Monday mornings in bed are surely a must in this sun drenched room.

Dreaming of an al fresco party at the weekend?  These lanterns are beautiful and welcoming for your guests.  Buy similar ones from Butterfly Lane here.

These are almost to gorgeous too eat...but I still would!

And this too...

A little something from our new jewellery collection would put a spring in my step this week.  These heart necklaces are gorgeous and understated, the only awkward thing is which colour to choose!

What are you dreaming about this Monday morning?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Debate: Modern Luxury or Classic Country Chic?

I've always had a particular style when it comes to interior design, I'm classic with a twist (which might come from my background working for Paul Smith, as this mantra screams from his designs).  So, classic and simple, along with a quirk and I'm happy.  

However, in the last few months I've hit an unexpected cross roads in my design life, where I am beginning to be divided between classic country chic styling and modern simplicity.  Now, I live in a listed property but this doesn't mean I can't delve in to my inner modernista does it?  

Traditional or forward thinking...what's your style?  

I'm intrigued to know what you think about today's 'v's'.  

What's your style?  

What's your style?
I've decided not to stick to one camp, and instead blend both styles in to my home.

This gorgeous sitting room blends both styles beautifully with traditional features and classic lighting choices, but with a modern colour palette and plush fabrics.  

This classic country style kitchen has modern twists with its lighting options and furniture.

This stunning bathroom blends contemporary and classic perfectly.  

Contemporary artwork blends the two styles.

Love the ghost chair for a splash of contemporary living!  In fact I've just bought this chair for my study and I love it.  

Modern chairs in a traditional bathroom.

Again, contemporary artwork adds a pop.

So, what camp do you belong to?