Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Table Settings

Having family and friends over for dinner and drinks is a key ingredient to Christmas celebrations and here are some festive filled and elegant table settings that are easy to re-create.  

These twigs look wintery and festive, especially if you hang mini lanterns and decorations from them as below. 

The greenery on the below table looks understated but fills up the space beautifully.  Don't forget to stock up on tapered dinner candles, a table wouldn't be complete without them.

Gold is a festive favourite here at Butterfly Lane, especially mixed with creams and white.  The table setting below sparkles with elegance. 

Another option is to keep the table simple and decorate the surrounding space instead.   These three wreaths look stunning against the dining room window. 

Again, this plain green foliage looks effective, chic and timeless.

Repetition really works, and using multiples of the same candle holders looks super effective.  Just beautiful.  

Friday, 14 December 2012

More Christmas Decorating Tips

Create a Beautiful Home for Christmas

Decorating my home for Christmas is one of my most favourite things to do.  So here are a few more of my festive inspirations to make your home beautiful this Christmas…

A Winter Welcome

Give bits of ribbon left over from present wrapping a new life as sweet tree decorations.  Or use them to decorate a garland or wreathe to welcome winter guests.  The ribbon colours and patterns don’t need to match exactly, as their simple shape will tie the look together.  Begin by knotting the ribbon in to simple bows around a few inches of floral wire.  Next twist the wire to secure the bows to tree branches indoors or out. 

Hang from the Chandeliers

Decorate your light fittings with sweet hanging decorations and fill with foliage like mistletoe, holly and ivy.  

Visions of Sugar Plums

“The Night Before Christmas” comes to life with this fabulous festive fruit.  Pile the sparkling fruit in to a bowl for an easy and whimsical festive centerpiece. 

Deck the door knobs with hanging decorations, to spread festive cheer throughout the home.  

Deck the Halls 

This wreath chandelier looks grand and difficult to make, but it couldn’t be simpler or more stunning.  Just take two wreathes and beautiful satin ribbon, tie bows and hang. 

By Candle Light 

Candles create a warming and festive glow to your home.  Stock up with church candles and elegant tapers to stack on your mantelpiece, coffee table or sideboard for a stunning result.  

Have a look at our candle collection from Butterfly Lane.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without fairy lights, inside and outside!  So I couldn’t live without my battery operated lights over the festive season.  Wrap them around your wreath on the front door, over pot plants or hedges to give a festive twinkle all night long.  Or use inside your home and drape over your fireplace for a cosy yet glamorous look. 

Battery operated fairy lights are available from Wilkinson’s.  

The Butterfly Lane Christmas collection is now available to buy online.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Stylish Christmas

Christmas can be a rather stressful time, what with organising Christmas dinner, presents, and worries of the Christmas Tree, it's no wonder that the thought of decorating your home for Christmas can be something of a chore.  That's why I thought I would take you through some tried, tested, and above all, easy tips to create a stylish Christmas.  After all Christmas should be merry!  

In my humble opinion Christmas decorations shouldn't begin and end in the sitting room alone.  I am a huge fan of spreading the festive cheer around the home.  Granted, this takes a little more work but it is so worth it.  

The Hallway:

Understated and chic.  Plain foliage and tea lights look gorgeous. 
A tree, real or fake, is a lovely warm welcome for your guests.  Even a small one perched on your side table will do the job nicely.

A garland hung over a mirror adds even more festive charm.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a garland flowing up the staircase.  Here are a  couple of our favourites...  

The Sitting Room:

The sitting room has to have the festive wow factor, however elegant and subtle.  Think warm white fairy lights adorning the tree, stunning ornaments and flowers should set the scene and colour palette.  Red, gold and silvers are traditional, however mix with greys and whites for a stylish look.

The main focus in any home at Christmas time is the tree.  I love the gentle twinkling of the fairy lights when it becomes dark outside, it is cosy, relaxing and a real focus in any room.  The key to a fabulous show stopping tree is not to be stingy with the fairy lights, pack it full, then you can always be more sparing with the decorations...not like this jam packed one below! 

Fireplaces scream out for decadent decoration, whether it be a garland, church candles or ornaments.  

If you have a mirror over your mantel piece the candle flames are exaggerated and look just stunning.  You could even hang a wreath from your mirror.  See my wreath tips here.   

Children's Bedroom:

Let's face it, Christmas is all about the little ones, so why not trim up their bedrooms in true style, so they wake up and nod off to 'thoughts of sugar plums dancing in their heads'.  I love a traditional look in children's room, so wooden train garlands draped over a tree and cute knitted ornaments do the job nicely...and of course decorations that they choose themselves!   Last weekend I helped my four year old nephew choose a tree and decorations for his bedroom and I was delighted to find some fabulous Christmas tree and icicle shaped fairy lights which he adored and looked so pretty on his tree.  Here are some gorgeous child friendly trees for bedroom and playroom inspiration...

Colourful and fun...especially for a beach house

Colourful and fun
The Kitchen:

The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially at Christmas time, with the smell of mulled wine simmering on the stove.  It is tradition in my family to always have a tree in the kitchen, in fact the kitchen is the main focus of our festive cheer as it is the place we spend the majority of time cooking, eating and chatting.  So with this in mind, with have a great selection of festive fruit to hang from the tree and a gorgeous fruit garland to drape over a dresser.  

Festive Fruit from Butterfly Lane 

Christmas Kitchen Collection from Butterfly Lane 

Fill jars with decorations
Fruit Garland

These sparkling bay trees also look gorgeous placed in pairs on a worktop.  

Sparkling Bay Trees

Little Extras:

I love to fill bowls and jars with baubles to add an understated Christmas look around the home.  This works well on a coffee table or sideboard...

Fill kitchen jars with sweets for expectant visitors.... 

My top tip of them all is to pop on some carols and warm up some mulled wine on the stove, the smell alone will get you in the Christmas spirit and ready to decorate your home from top to toe!  

Let us know your top Christmas decorating tips...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

We Love Wreaths

I am ashamed to say that my little blog has been neglected over the past few weeks, as Christmas fever at struck Butterfly Lane HQ.  Not only have we been busily wrapping gifts and decorations for customers but we have been attending Christmas event after event, but I am pleased to say that yesterday saw the last bauble wrapped and glass of mulled wine guzzled (on 'work' time anyway), so I am now embarking on the last few pre-Christmas days to spread some Christmas joy from the blog...and get my home Christmas ready of course!  

Christmas is by far my most favourite time of the year.  The perfect opportunity to be extravagant with your home decor, add some sparkle, shimmer and everything in between.  It is officially time to Deck the Halls, an event at Butterfly Lane HQ which I am almost ashamed to say takes a good few days to assemble.  Well, I told you I am slightly over the top with my decorations.  

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the obligatory trees, baubles and festive food, however, one thing that can be organised at the beginning of the festive season is your Christmas wreath and garlands, these are a great way to get creative, whether you use real foliage, fruits, pinecones, baubles or fake greenery, here are some of our favourites...

Wreaths traditionally hang beautifully in splendour from your front door or gate to welcome guests, but they also look amazing inside your home too.  Glistening bauble versions do just the trick inside your home and you can use different shades to complement your colour scheme.  

I am someone who buys a lot of things in three's to decorate a home.  Whether it is three identical jars, candle holders or in this case just looks so good!  This dining room definitely has the 'wow' factor.  

Let's face it we will all be spending a lot of time in the kitchen over Christmas and therefore I think it's always a great idea to trim up the space for the festivities.  I always have a Christmas tree in my kitchen, full of glistening fruits and precious decorations, along with  a garland draped over the dresser.  It really does get me in the Christmas spirit, if the bubbling aroma of mulled wine on the stove doesn't create enough joy!  With a kitchen in mind, fruit wreaths look so stylish hung against a dresser or door, and the pine cone version below is just gorgeous too!  

Why not go against the crowd and opt for a square wreath!  I love this homemade one below...

As I'm sure you've picked up from my other blogs I'm all about fairy lights, so my penchant comes in to full force in December, white lights twinkling in trees, indoor and out.  I could not live without my battery operated fairy lights this time of year, especially to thread them around my front door wreath!

What is your favourite wreath style?