Saturday, 27 April 2013

Beautiful Baby Showers

When one of my oldest friends announced she was pregnant, it seemed to be the most obvious thing for 'us girls' to throw a baby shower for her, something that would have been pretty unheard of a few years ago.   This Americanism has really caught on with the twenty/thirty somethings du jour.  My friend is the first of my friendship group to have a baby so this is a new tradition for us all.  Move over hen parties which we have nailed down to a tee, personalised invitations, gifts, games and pampering, yes we can organise one of these in a heartbeat, we've had enough practice, but it's time to embrace a new party style...the baby shower!  

Bring on the baby themed cakes, sandwiches and games galore.

Of course how do you accessories this most feminine event?  An elegant and calming soiree is key with a subtle colour palette, obviously blue for a boy, pink for a girl, or a pale lemon/cream palette.  

Here are some of our favourite images to find inspiration from...

Baby Shower Must Haves:

1.  Finger sandwiches
2.  Tea from teapot and saucers
3.  Champagne (for guests of course!)
4.  Novelty cakes/biscuits
5.  Flowers for decoration
6.  Games - you an get some great ideas online

You can really infuse the 'baby theme' in your cakes and biscuits.  This cup cake tower just screams celebration!  

If you haven't got time to make biscuits, Biscuiteers make the most perfect baby biscuits around which are frankly too cute to eat!  

Party sandwiches are a must...

Coconut cupcakes...

Sweet bunny biscuits...

Embrace the afternoon tea theme with Butterfly Lane's pretty rose print cups, saucers and teapot...

Flowers are a must and add a feminine, prettiness and of course a sense of occasion.   

Welcome guests with this gorgeous wreath...

Do you have any top baby shower tips?  

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