Monday, 13 May 2013

Channel Gatsby with 20's Styling

Have you caught The Great Gatsby fever yet?  I feel like I've been waiting for years for this film to be released on to our big screens, but now here we are with the imminent debut on 16 May.  This film looks altogether stylish, from the interiors, the styling and oh the jewellery!  Apparently Carey Mulligan was wearing over $1 million worth of jewels commissioned by Tiffany during the making of the film.  I am like a magpie with anything sparkly and her oval engagement ring in the film is a thing of true beauty.    

Carey Mulligan's Vogue Shoot, March 2013

I'm sure that the film will create a resurgence of anything 'roaring 20's' this summer.    Prada's  decadent fashion choices in the film look incredible, and the luxurious decor is something to be truly admired...and replicated.  Here are some of my favourite 20's styling for a modern 2013 home.


Watch the trailer below and catch Gatsby Fever....


  1. I'm not a fan of Baz Luhrmann's work, but I must say that the style of this film looks stunning and very inspiring!! And I love the grey chair!!

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures, its all so glamorous isn't it :O) (Makes me feel like I need to make more effort! The rooms are gorgeous. Large rooms like that really lend themselves so perfectly to the beautifully carved/ornate furniture. Ordinary pieces would get lost. Large rooms need pattern, texture and colour and upholstered pieces can be the ideal solution. I love chandeliers, they complete rooms in such style and splendor - a ceiling should not be overlooked in room design. Gold is also always a great colour for adding warmth and a touch of chic, whether it be delicate gold trim/detail on a piece of furniture, or a bold statement mirror to be the centre of a room.

  3. Awesome! Very stylish and lavish life style images!!


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