Friday, 3 May 2013

Bathroom Inspiration in Association with Mira Showers

The renovation project continues to the bathroom stage at Beech House, where our main priority is to have an amazing shower.  If you were ever unfortunate enough to use our current shower you would understand our's currently feels like very light tropical rain falling down on you, and with having long hair which takes an age to rinse you can understand the issue!

Therefore we thought it would be a great opportunity to join forces with Mira, the UK's leading shower specialist to keep all of our lovely readers up-to-date with their new offerings.  Here is what they had to say...

The idea of completely renovating a bathroom is exciting but the prospect can also seem a little daunting. Rather than completely remodeling your bathroom, why not just renovate your shower experience?

You can experience a truly unique showering sensation with the 360 showerhead by Mira Showers, which is ideal for anyone, and great fun for children.

This showerhead has a brilliant flip feature, each time you flip the showerhead, you can change the water spray. You get a choice of Rain, Burst, Storm and Cloud, so you’ll be able to find something to give you the ultimate shower experience.

You can buy the 360 showerhead on its own, and it works on any mixer shower or system, so you can easily use it to give your bathroom a more fun and modern feel to it. If you have kids, they’ll be sure to love the different sprays, and it’ll be sure to make it a bit easier if you are trying to get them into the shower for a hair wash!

The 360 showerhead is featured on a range on mixer showers, including the Mira Minibelle and the Mira Infuse, for those of you who want to have a bit more of a bathroom remodel.  Bathroom remodels don’t have to involve completely changing everything, which can be a bit of a scary thought, but changing one thing, like your shower, is ideal for giving your bathroom a stylish upgrade, and of course, you’ll soon feel the benefits of a new 360 showerhead or a Mira power shower!

If you are just choosing a new showerhead, or even a new shower, if doesn’t really matter what colour scheme your bathroom is, as the elegant designs come in neutral colours such as white, black and chrome, so you’ll be able to give your bathroom a lovely contemporary feel to it, without worrying about clashing colours! These showerheads have a very minimal design, which is usually ideal, especially if you don’t want your bathroom and shower to look too overcrowded.

Enjoying a lovely hot shower is one of the best ways to wake yourself up in the morning, and is great to help wash away the day before you go to bed. 

This was a sponsored link by Mira Showers for Butterfly Lane

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