Monday, 30 April 2012

First Impressions - Create A Fabulous Entrance Hall

Entrance hall, hallway, foyer, call it what you will, this is the first impression of your home, therefore it needs to symbolise your style immediately.  Whether it is English country living you are channeling with a welly rack at the front door, or Georgian splendor with an elegant coat stand, it’s all in the detail.  Whatever the size, this room shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s the ideal place to showcase your homes style.  Here at Butterfly Lane we love a grand entrance so here are some inspirational images to help you with your design journey...

There are three pre-requisites that everyone needs to consider to accomplish a stunning entrance space.

The Front Door

Did you know that the colour of your front represents the mood and feel of your home?  Blues represent abundance and prosperity, yellow provokes wisdom and confidence whilst green is said to represent balance, peace and compassion.  Now, I don’t think this is supposed to be taken too seriously when forging your colour scheme, however, it might help you with your final decision. 

Along with the colour of your front door, think about the door furniture.  I am a massive fan of large brass door knockers, they look so regal and extravagant.  Here are a couple of inspiring front door images.  


Getting the right furniture is so important to use your space to the utmost.  I suggest the following key pieces:

A Console Table

A stunning console table is needed as a focal point to the room.   It will also showcase beautiful decorative accessories, along with housing an obligatory vase of fresh flowers, the perfect welcome for your guests. 

Somewhere To Sit

Invest in a stunning chair, sofa or chaise longue.  They are such a great feature to have in any room, and can express your individuality perfectly.


They create the illusion of space and also on a practical note, necessary to apply your lippy as you dart out of the door! 

Coat Stand 

I love a coat stand, however not to use practically as they can look cluttered and untidy, but they can look stunning in a hallway, with a few placed umbrellas and hats.  


It is important not to overlook the importance of lighting when it comes to interior design.  A good lighting plan will bring together ambience, feature and decorative lighting without sacrificing functionality.  Combined with elegant design, the right lighting scheme can give a luxurious feel to your home.  Think lamps, wall lights and chandeliers, along with feature lighting going up the stairs.

Make an unforgettable first impression and create an entrance hall of splendor and beauty...X

All images found on the Butterfly Lane Pinterest page.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Baking O'Clock

The rain is literally pouring outside, the fire is blazing at Butterfly Lane HQ and I’m tempted to do a bit of baking.  I’m dreaming about beautiful, spongy, decadent cakes! Not that mine will resemble anything particularly fabulous, in fact my cakes definitely look homemade!  But baking is still something I love to do.  I think that there is nothing better on a rainy afternoon than digging out your Mason & Cash mixing bowls and indulging in a spot of baking heaven.  

Mason & Cash mixing bowls

I love to display my cakey creations on decadent glass cake stands, and in fact if all does go wrong, there are so many beautiful things to tart up your flat victoria sponge in no time!  We are thinking about eye catching accessories to detract from baking disasters or to showcase triumphant tarts!  Think sparkling glass cake stands, shiny cake slicers, tiny cake plates, cups and saucers and everything in between!  Butterfly Lane is here to help.  So as promised here are some inspirational, mouth-wateringly good images to tempt you in to a baking session this miserable rainy afternoon. 

All images from the Butterfly Lane Pinterest page.

I must admit, I don’t often wear an apron, but I have been told time and time again to do so, as I am one of those ‘messy’ bakers.  Flour everywhere, cake mixture in my hair and icing sugar on the ceiling, I don’t know how I manage it!  Therefore, I think aprons are an invaluable purchase, not only to save your lovely clothes for a sticky, doughy onslaught but also there are so many stunning designs out there that it’s hard not to want to wear one! 

Anthropologie have such a beautiful range...

Add a little fun to cooking with these by Thornbeck & Peel aprons. 

Let us know how you get on and if you have any special baking tips we would love to know!  Happy baking everyone…X

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Baby Talk

A nursery is such a special and exciting room to design, but can often pose a design challenge for families as it is a step away from the norm as they are designing for a baby and not themselves.  While indeed this space is a child’s bedroom, it is important to remember that a nursery is a place where new mummy’s and daddy’s look after their new arrival.  The little bundle of joy won’t be exploring the room for quite some time so it needs to be as parent friendly as possible.  

Here are Butterfly Lane’s top tips for an elegant, relaxing and beautiful nursery for your little one...

Colour is such an important factor in the design process for a nursery.  It is so easy to focus on the obvious, pink for a girl, blue for a boy, yellow if you don’t know yet, or to slip in to bold, fun, playful primary colours.  Here at Butterfly Lane we disagree with this approach.  A nursery is not a room for visual stimulation but instead for calm, comfort and soothing, basically a room to encourage the little one to sleep as much as possible!  Crayola crayon colours can be introduced in playrooms, with toys and books, whereas a nursery is a sanctuary for relaxation and peaceful rest.  So in true Butterfly Lane style we recommend a neutral colour palette and lots of it!

Fit a thick carpet or rug on the nursery floor, not only will this cushion the knees of little crawlers but also creates warmth. Remember, your new family will spend lots of time on the floor during play times so invest in a quality rug or carpet that feels luxurious to the touch.

A great idea is to place seating by the window to allow natural light for reading and for cuddling your little one.  For late nights, early mornings and an afternoon snooze, nothing beats a comfy armchair and footstool for a cuddle session or a much needed nap for parent and baby.  Parents will be spending many hours in this special room, and an armchair and footstool might become a second bed and a place for special bonding moments, so the key things to think about are comfort, style and versatility.  Remember to add blankets, throws and pillows to create texture and warmth.  Also, this adorable little chair is a must, just so cute!

I think it’s rather limiting to focus your design on nursery furniture alone when furnishing the room.  Buying a standard set of drawers, bookcase and wardrobe not only looks chic and adult friendly but is also wise, as your baby will not be in nappies forever, so investing in quality furniture will be accommodating as your baby grows. 
A bookcase or armoire is a must when furnishing a nursery.  A place to house all the babies books, soft toys and accessories, in a chic and organised way. 

I can’t stress the importance of lighting enough.  As usual I massively love a gorgeous chandelier.  It adds an elegant and extravagant look to any room, in particular a nursery.  There’s no better space for such a fanciful lighting feature, the rainbows of colours and the twinkling effect from the sunlight hitting the crystals will delight babies, toddlers and grown-ups alike.  How divine.  There is no need to hang a mobile over the cot when you have a magnificent crystal version hanging from the ceiling.
Next, remember to install lamps for a soft and relaxing effect ideal for quiet moments and perfect to have when you are carrying out late night changes, as there is no need to wake yourself up any more than you need to!  A lamp next to the changer and next to your armchair would be ideal locations.

Enjoy creating the most magical of rooms to assist you in your new journey.  Let us know how you get on…X

All images to be found on the Butterfly Lane's Pinterest page.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wedding Bells

Wedding season is upon us and in full swing here at Butterfly Lane HQ.  I have already attended one swanky countryside affair and have two more in the coming months - hats at the ready!  I can honestly say that I love a wedding, a day long (or sometimes weekend long) celebration of love and hope (please don't be sick!).  Some find them cheesy, some find them a waste of money, but I find them truly magical.  I've attended the big, the small and the truly intimate of weddings, ranging from countryside fabulousness, a vintage tea party theme, a service on the edge of Lake Como (breathtaking), a city wedding and one in stunning parkland.  I truly believe that it's the little touches that stay with you, the token gestures and the small details of design.

Here at Butterfly Lane we would like to give all you brides and grooms to be some inspiration for your big day.  The choices you make for your wedding day are so important, they will be 

documented for life in photograph after photograph and should be something you look back on with pride and nostalgia.  No pressure!  It is so important to me that when I look back on my wedding photo's in 30 years time, they still look classic, timeless, with not a hint of a possibility of an embarrassing question arising 'what on earth did you wear on your head?'!  

I always imagined my wedding being at my parents home, channeling the film Father of the Bride, and definitely including the swans!  But the venue is only the start of the preparation.   Are you a city, country or eloping married-couple-to-be?  Spring, summer, autumn or winter?  Pimms v's a hot toddy, roaring open fires v's air conditioning...and I haven't even mentioned 'the' dress!  

However, how you dress the venue, the room and the tables on your wedding day will really showcase your individuality.  In true Butterfly Lane style I love lashings of cream, white, pearl and ivory on a wedding day, it's just so classic, timeless and elegant, everything that a wedding should be in my opinion.       

Here are some inspirational images, from table settings to flowers, that will hopefully inspire you for your special day.  

The Butterfly Lane online boutique will be launching in the coming weeks and we have a dedicated wedding section.  Whether you are a guest who requires a special gift (we have lots of amazing options), or a couple who would like to use our exclusive, luxurious and bespoke Gift List Registry (more on that soon), or if you require gorgeous things to style your special day with, elegant vases, jugs, candles holders, ceramic or glass, Butterfly Lane is here to help!  We are so excited to be launching our wedding boutique, I know that you'll just love it and be totally inspired, I know that we are!  

Love is in the air...X 

For all enquiries regarding the Butterfly Lane Wedding Boutique please email us on  

All images are from our Pinterest Gallery.  

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Table Style: Elegant Ideas for Decorating a Table

Table settings were once a formal affair, today entertaining is a far more relaxed and we have happily abandoned all of that pomp and circumstance.  Here at Butterfly Lane we believe that setting a table for a lunch with friends or a dinner party shouldn’t be an after thought or a chore, creating a decorative tabletop is super easy, satisfying and most of all fun.  The simplest of schemes will have a transforming affect on any occasion and Butterfly Lane would like to give you some simple design ideas to inspire you, whether you’re having a cocktail party, an al fresco supper, an intimate dinner party or a Sunday brunch with family, we are here to help.  Setting a table is so easy to achieve without buying a cupboard full of new dinnerware, successful table dressing is not about silverware and crystal (although that does sound fabulous!), it’s about making the most of what you have and purchasing a few special accessories to treasure that you can use time and time again.  So you don’t need the family-heirloom china or silver spoons to recreate these table settings, fresh flowers, twinkling candle light, and quirky decorative touches are all that’s needed.  Whether it’s a week night supper or a sophisticated cocktail party, these simple, pretty and imaginative table settings will bring a dash of originality to any occasion.  Here are our top tips for a successful tabletop, and remember, it’s all in the detail! 

Al Fresco Supper

Butterfly Lane has everything you need to put the finishing touches on a perfect summer party.  Enjoy a carefree celebration in the sunshine with a selection of fun tableware and garden accessories. I love to use fresh flower arrangements outside, and this ridiculously elegant patioware will be available to buy at Butterfly Lane very soon.  We are so excited about our discovery, from jugs, cake stands, champagne glasses, salad bowls and cutlery it looks like your finest sparkling crystal but is in fact plastic and patio proof.  It looks just stunning and to be put on our waiting list please email  Prices start from £10.00.

Sophisticated Cocktail Party

Whether your guests prefer it shaken or stirred here are some inspiring images to throw a swarve and sophisticated cocktail party at home.  Think sparkling martini glasses, champagne saucers and elegant accessories.  All you’ll need to do is master the cocktail recipes…

Intimate Dinner Party

A Dinner Party is about delicious food in perfect surroundings.  Invest in gorgeous serving platters, bowls and plates so your guests can serve themselves leaving you time to play the part of the perfect host!

Sunday Brunch

We just love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside using garden planters as centre pieces. Inspired.

Tea Party

Bring out your best china, the Tea Party is having a revival!  So for you tea party enthusiasts or anyone looking for a fresh approach to this beloved tradition, look no further.  Whether you are planning a summer tea party in the garden or a cosy gathering in front of the roaring fire, Afternoon Tea is a treat any time of the year. Just make sure that your finger sandwiches, scones and Darjeeling tea are served with the most delicate and pretty china around.

Children’s Party

Children’s parties are all about colour and fun and with these stylish table settings adults will be suitably impressed as well as your little ones…


With Gracious Style...

For a more special affair we cannot recommend crisp table linen highly enough (in the obligatory Butterfly Lane cream or white of course!), it will not only hide a multiple of sins on your battered dining table, but will add an air of decadence to the occasion.  The range from Gracious Style is truly exquisite and as fashion constantly changes there is something luxurious and timeless about using a tablecloth.  Why not use something plain and simple for a classic look or damask and embroidered for a decorative edge.  The simple finish a tablecloth gives allows for bolder design choices on the tabletop, with punchy floral arrangements and lashings of twinkling glass and candle light. 

Our friends at Gracious Style have a special treat for the Butterfly Lane readers, simply enter BUTTERFLYLN10 in to the voucher code on their website to receive 10% off all their gorgeous products *.  Thank you Gracious Style and enjoy everyone!

I hope that Butterfly Lane has inspired you to create some amazing and creative table settings.  Let us know how you get on…X

* The Gracious Style offer is not valid on sale or clearance items. Offer valid through 11:59 pm EST, May 31, 2012. Not valid on previous orders, orders with trade discounts, or when combined with any other promotional offers.

All images from the Butterfly Lane Pinterest page, Gracious Style and Google

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