Thursday, 26 April 2012

Baking O'Clock

The rain is literally pouring outside, the fire is blazing at Butterfly Lane HQ and I’m tempted to do a bit of baking.  I’m dreaming about beautiful, spongy, decadent cakes! Not that mine will resemble anything particularly fabulous, in fact my cakes definitely look homemade!  But baking is still something I love to do.  I think that there is nothing better on a rainy afternoon than digging out your Mason & Cash mixing bowls and indulging in a spot of baking heaven.  

Mason & Cash mixing bowls

I love to display my cakey creations on decadent glass cake stands, and in fact if all does go wrong, there are so many beautiful things to tart up your flat victoria sponge in no time!  We are thinking about eye catching accessories to detract from baking disasters or to showcase triumphant tarts!  Think sparkling glass cake stands, shiny cake slicers, tiny cake plates, cups and saucers and everything in between!  Butterfly Lane is here to help.  So as promised here are some inspirational, mouth-wateringly good images to tempt you in to a baking session this miserable rainy afternoon. 

All images from the Butterfly Lane Pinterest page.

I must admit, I don’t often wear an apron, but I have been told time and time again to do so, as I am one of those ‘messy’ bakers.  Flour everywhere, cake mixture in my hair and icing sugar on the ceiling, I don’t know how I manage it!  Therefore, I think aprons are an invaluable purchase, not only to save your lovely clothes for a sticky, doughy onslaught but also there are so many stunning designs out there that it’s hard not to want to wear one! 

Anthropologie have such a beautiful range...

Add a little fun to cooking with these by Thornbeck & Peel aprons. 

Let us know how you get on and if you have any special baking tips we would love to know!  Happy baking everyone…X

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