Monday, 30 April 2012

First Impressions - Create A Fabulous Entrance Hall

Entrance hall, hallway, foyer, call it what you will, this is the first impression of your home, therefore it needs to symbolise your style immediately.  Whether it is English country living you are channeling with a welly rack at the front door, or Georgian splendor with an elegant coat stand, it’s all in the detail.  Whatever the size, this room shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s the ideal place to showcase your homes style.  Here at Butterfly Lane we love a grand entrance so here are some inspirational images to help you with your design journey...

There are three pre-requisites that everyone needs to consider to accomplish a stunning entrance space.

The Front Door

Did you know that the colour of your front represents the mood and feel of your home?  Blues represent abundance and prosperity, yellow provokes wisdom and confidence whilst green is said to represent balance, peace and compassion.  Now, I don’t think this is supposed to be taken too seriously when forging your colour scheme, however, it might help you with your final decision. 

Along with the colour of your front door, think about the door furniture.  I am a massive fan of large brass door knockers, they look so regal and extravagant.  Here are a couple of inspiring front door images.  


Getting the right furniture is so important to use your space to the utmost.  I suggest the following key pieces:

A Console Table

A stunning console table is needed as a focal point to the room.   It will also showcase beautiful decorative accessories, along with housing an obligatory vase of fresh flowers, the perfect welcome for your guests. 

Somewhere To Sit

Invest in a stunning chair, sofa or chaise longue.  They are such a great feature to have in any room, and can express your individuality perfectly.


They create the illusion of space and also on a practical note, necessary to apply your lippy as you dart out of the door! 

Coat Stand 

I love a coat stand, however not to use practically as they can look cluttered and untidy, but they can look stunning in a hallway, with a few placed umbrellas and hats.  


It is important not to overlook the importance of lighting when it comes to interior design.  A good lighting plan will bring together ambience, feature and decorative lighting without sacrificing functionality.  Combined with elegant design, the right lighting scheme can give a luxurious feel to your home.  Think lamps, wall lights and chandeliers, along with feature lighting going up the stairs.

Make an unforgettable first impression and create an entrance hall of splendor and beauty...X

All images found on the Butterfly Lane Pinterest page.

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