Sunday, 29 July 2012

Arrange In Style

The simple things in life can really make a difference to your mood and surroundings.  I'm here to talk about flowers!  Flowers make me happy, simple as that.  I love nothing more than receiving, or buying, a bunch of fresh blooms, they are always such a thoughtful gesture (hint to boyfriend), and are always welcome in my home.  

Now an extravagant, colourful display always look beautiful, but we are not channelling wedding day floristry here at Butterfly Lane, therefore my current obsession is a simple display of the same flower.  I just love, love, love Hydrangeas, Peonies at a close second and I'm absolutely loving Chrysanthemum's at the moment.  I recently used cream ones in a photo shoot and they worked so well, simple, understated and chic, just what was required.  

Image from Butterfly Lane  

I also used Papillion Lavender when styling the shoot.  The strong purple really gave the simple white vase a pop, and was a different take on using normal cut blooms.  I think a vase filled with a potted Papillion Lavender would look fabulous either end of a dining room table.

Pretty Papillion Lavender.  Image by Butterfly Lane

I truly believe that simple arrangements look so elegant and chic, so no need to get too extravagant, unless it's your passion of course.  But, with more and more of us being time poor but still want a pretty posy in our homes, below are some simple ideas that I will definitely be recreating at home.  

The use of zesty fruits within an arrangement is a look that I am completely in love with at the moment, especially for a kitchen.  Take inspiration from the below images.  

Slice limes to jazz up a plain glass vase

Love Limes

Use whole lemons and limes for a colourful alternative.

Everyone has a trusty glass vase tucked away in a cupboard, but why not experiment with different forms of 'vases'.  Watering cans and jugs are a classic choice for a country side, come French inspired look.  Why not give it a go?

This cream tin bucket looks fabulous full of fresh cream beauties.  What a centre piece!

A dream of mine is to have a dedicated section in my garden, that is free to pick for flowers at any time to have in my house.  The plan is that it will save money at the florist and will also give me no excuse whatsoever to have fresh and pretty flower arrangements in my home.  With this in mind, I love the image below, full of wild, unkempt flowers.  Simple and just lovely.

Remember to let us know if you have any top flower arranging tips, always great to hear from you.  


Friday, 27 July 2012

The Art Of Display

Oh I love home accessories, the small details that make a house a home.  The way you display your favourite things can really transform the look of a room and create a stylish focal point.  I'm not a huge advocate of fussy and cluttered interiors, however, these gorgeous images really showcase that a decadent display of beautiful things can look truly fabulous.  The key is to keep the colours simple and muted, all with the same tones, et voila a beautiful display of beautiful things!  The only down side is all the dusting...

A beautiful display of kitchen accessories.  The frames perched behind really lift the accessories

A simple display of plain white porcelain

A gorgeous pantry
It's not only your kitchen accessories that you can display creatively, but also your frames.  The way the frames below are both hung on the wall, in an apparent 'random' pattern, and also a collection leaning casually against the wall looks super stylish.  

There is something very elegant and dramatic about having more than one of the same accessory.  Repetition just looks so good!  I am a massive fan of this and often buy two or three of the same thing to give it a stronger look.  This look works so well with candle holders and vases, and the image below look stunning with three identical glass jars.  Swoon.  

Here at Butterfly Lane we have a thing about sparkling glassware, which will become more apparent when our online boutique launches with it's dedicated glassware department.  Anyway, I digress.  The sideboard in the image below look fabulous with the three glass jars perched on top.  Simple and chic.  

Three Glass Jars (looking super chic)

For a country cottage feel why not use a selection of distressed jugs and a dose of repetition and create an interesting centre piece on your table.

Enjoy playing with your accessories to create an interesting display.  Let us know how you get on.  

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Butterfly Lane Photo Shoot

As our online boutique is finally ready to launch (just one or two tweaks left before it goes live - perfectionist, moi?), I thought I'd give you all a little sneak peek at our collection along with a glimpse at our fabulous photo shoot.  I hope you like it as much as we do at Butterfly Lane.  

Photographer:  Emma Cleveley 

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Perfect Guest Room

You might have noticed that it has been a little quiet of late here on Butterfly Lane.  We are ridiculously busy putting the final touches on our online boutique that will be launching very very soon!  But I must admit I have been feeling lots of guilt about neglecting our little blog and I have missed it very much indeed.  Therefore, I thought I would say a quick hello and write a small blog...

The work continues at Beech House and we were lucky enough to have a house full of family last weekend to really crack on with the ever growing list of 'things to do' on the renovation project.  However, due to the lack of furniture at the moment, it was air mattresses all round and it got me thinking about creating the perfect guest rooms for our guests in the future.  

Relaxing and Country Style Bedroom
I really want my home decor to flow easily from room to room so I will be, of course, focusing on a neutral base for these rooms.  Guest rooms have to be relaxing and simple, with everything that your visitors require.  

Feminine and French Inspired Curtains

Dramatic Head Board

Chic Greys and Taupes

Elegant Suite
I want the chicness and sophistication of a boutique hotel but with the homeliness of a country retreat. 

Boutique Hotel Chic
Accessories wise, I love the idea of a small vase of water and two water glasses on the bedside table, towels perched at the end of the bed...but not as far as chocolates on the pillows!  Because, remember, you do want your guests to eventually leave, so don't make them too comfortable in their stylish surroundings!  

Now I must get back to creating the website...can't wait for you all to see it!  

Friday, 13 July 2012

We Love Helen Turkington: Interview

I recently discovered a wonderful interior designer, her style is sophisticated, liveable and oh so elegant.  Her name?  Helen Turkington.  Helen's style instantly grabbed me, her use of neutral tones and classic pieces is everything that Butterfly Lane represents, so I had to share my discovery with you.  

Helen is one of the UK and Ireland's most influential designers, so I feel like I am slightly behind the times with my so called 'find', but better late than never!  I just love her effortless style and here are some gorgeous examples of her work...

Helen very kindly agreed to an interview with Butterfly Lane.  I hope her answers inspire you to create beautiful interiors, I know she inspired me...

How would you describe your style?

Contemporary classic, combined with understated elegance.  Because a lot of our clients have town houses and country houses I tend to give them a comfortable yet elegant city home and a more laid back accessible country look.  

We really believe in carefully building our colour palettes with neutrals being the core of the look, and accents of colour to bring it to life.  

I love to mix old with new and make something look effortlessly stylish.  It's all about mixing it up but knowing your particular style, I am not a slave to trends and know when a room has just enough detailing to make it unique.  

What is your inspiration?

Lots of things, from different colours in nature, travelling to different countries sourcing fabrics always inspires new ideas.  I love classic old houses with beautiful features, old textiles, sourcing artwork for clients always makes you see things differently.  

I love getting new interior magazines from Europe and the States to see what they are doing.  There is inspiration everywhere.  

What is on your current wish list for your home?

A garden room and a new study so I can work from home in my own creative space.  I am always on the move between our various shops and my iPad is my portable office.  I would love to have my own creative space away from kids, cooking, dogs and daily life.  

How do you unwind after a stressful day at the office?

I go home to my children which is a different challenge and makes you instantly forget about work, until their bedtime.  I usually spend my evening mulling over the day just gone by and making notes for the next one.  I love to watch a good film or read a book.  

How would you spend the perfect weekend?

No phones or emails, a lazy morning with kids and out to a party or dinner with friends in the evening.  And Sunday is all about family time and a walk on the beach.  

Do you favour country living or city chic?

City chic because I love the buzz of the city, especially London.  It's such an inspiring town with great restaurants, galleries and a never ending choice of amazing specialist shops.  

What is the favourite part of your job?

When you see a project finished exactly as you and the client wanted, a happy client!  So satisfying and makes it all worth while.  

What are you top three tips on creating the perfect Helen Turkington home?

Keep it simple, get your paint colours right for the house and the key element in finishing the look is to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!  

Thank you Helen!  

View Helen's website here, and follow her on Facebook.  

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wedding Table Settings For The Wedding Guide

I write a monthly blog post for The Wedding Guide and July's addition is all about creating fabulous and above all, individual table settings.  I hope you like it...


Everyone wants a spectacular wedding day, full of beauty and elegance, and here at Butterfly Lane we think it’s so important to inject your individuality in to your special day.  The finishing touches and design details are statements that can truly express your personality and should not be overlooked. 

A Fairy Tale Wedding
Table settings are one of many ways to add style, glamour and elegance in to your wedding day.  The wedding breakfast is a focal point of the reception and a place where you and your guests will be sat for many a happy hour toasting you and your partner, so you better make it as fabulous as possible…no pressure at all!

Today I am going to be talking about centre pieces.  A fabulous centre piece really showcases the style of your wedding, especially as it is paramount to your colour theme.  Here are some images that are really fuelling my inspiration at the moment. 

The long tables on these images are elegantly set for socialising.  The dramatic flower arrangements are tall enough not only to make a fantastic first impression but also enables guests to easily converse.   Add in lots of sparkling glassware and hey presto a wedding breakfast to die for! 

Elegant Sparkling Glass with Tall Vases

Sparkling Glassware - Divine!
Hydrangeas are the flower du jour for me, and this exquisite centre piece adds an understated elegance to a very plain and simple table design.  Just gorgeous!

Dramatic Hydrangea Centre Piece
A vintage tea party theme is forever popular with brides-to-be and the pretty flower displays in this image adds a whimsical and romantic feel to the table.  Finish off by filling vintage style teacups and saucers with fresh blooms to sit next to each guest, divine!  Who needs favours…

Vintage Tea Party Anyone?
For an understated and oh so chic look, multiple arrangements look just fabulous on a table.  Keep the bouquets low and stumpy, to give a gorgeous and extravagant look to a table.   Intersperse long, tapered candles for added elegance.   

Multiple Flower Arrangements Look Just Stunning
I hope I have inspired you to create a stand out table setting for your wedding day.   If you require any help for your wedding day styling please contact me for further information on