Sunday, 29 July 2012

Arrange In Style

The simple things in life can really make a difference to your mood and surroundings.  I'm here to talk about flowers!  Flowers make me happy, simple as that.  I love nothing more than receiving, or buying, a bunch of fresh blooms, they are always such a thoughtful gesture (hint to boyfriend), and are always welcome in my home.  

Now an extravagant, colourful display always look beautiful, but we are not channelling wedding day floristry here at Butterfly Lane, therefore my current obsession is a simple display of the same flower.  I just love, love, love Hydrangeas, Peonies at a close second and I'm absolutely loving Chrysanthemum's at the moment.  I recently used cream ones in a photo shoot and they worked so well, simple, understated and chic, just what was required.  

Image from Butterfly Lane  

I also used Papillion Lavender when styling the shoot.  The strong purple really gave the simple white vase a pop, and was a different take on using normal cut blooms.  I think a vase filled with a potted Papillion Lavender would look fabulous either end of a dining room table.

Pretty Papillion Lavender.  Image by Butterfly Lane

I truly believe that simple arrangements look so elegant and chic, so no need to get too extravagant, unless it's your passion of course.  But, with more and more of us being time poor but still want a pretty posy in our homes, below are some simple ideas that I will definitely be recreating at home.  

The use of zesty fruits within an arrangement is a look that I am completely in love with at the moment, especially for a kitchen.  Take inspiration from the below images.  

Slice limes to jazz up a plain glass vase

Love Limes

Use whole lemons and limes for a colourful alternative.

Everyone has a trusty glass vase tucked away in a cupboard, but why not experiment with different forms of 'vases'.  Watering cans and jugs are a classic choice for a country side, come French inspired look.  Why not give it a go?

This cream tin bucket looks fabulous full of fresh cream beauties.  What a centre piece!

A dream of mine is to have a dedicated section in my garden, that is free to pick for flowers at any time to have in my house.  The plan is that it will save money at the florist and will also give me no excuse whatsoever to have fresh and pretty flower arrangements in my home.  With this in mind, I love the image below, full of wild, unkempt flowers.  Simple and just lovely.

Remember to let us know if you have any top flower arranging tips, always great to hear from you.  


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