Sunday, 5 August 2012

Going For Gold

Wow, what a weekend of sport!  As London 2012 reaches its final week there have been gold medals presented here, there and everywhere for Team GB and here at Butterfly Lane we are almost bursting with pride.  

The Olympics have got me thinking about Gold.  As I am by no means an athlete (an hour spin class has me on the verge of collapse!), I will not be getting my gold bling my competing in Rio 2016!  But we all don't have to be in peak physical fitness and be an Olympic athlete to desire this colour.  

Gold accessories against a dark backdrop

In this very blog I rave on about timeless and classic interiors, but I have a hidden secret...I am a closeted glamourzon!  I just love the right hint of glitz and glamour, especially in my home...and in my jewellery collection!  Gold epitomises glamour to me, and here are a few inspirational images that showcases how gold can look effortlessly chic and not in the slightest way tacky.  

Warm Gold Accessories

Gold Accents 

Use gold mirrors to add some glitz to a room... 

This desk looks so stylish with hints of gold, and the red gives it and opulent and regal feel.  

Remember, there are lots of different shades of gold, from duller tones to more champagne shades, so you can find the right shade that works for you, and they all can work fabulously against a neutral background.  

Gold Inspired Mood Board
Just add the odd gold accessory along with lashings of sparkling glass and you'll create a glamourous and decadent space to be proud of. 

Let the interior design games commence...good luck!   

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