Monday, 27 August 2012

Love: SheerLuxe

I make no secret that I'm a digital kind of girl, scouring the web for inspiration, new finds and information.  So I love it when I find a site that amalgamates everything I need in to one location, and no one does it better than  I have used this handy and oh so fashionable website for years.  I would be positively gleeful when I received an e-newletter from them when I worked my 9-5pm office job, giving me a little excuse to procrastinate and wander through their digital world of high fashion, fabulous interiors and beauty advice, from the very best of  what the World Wide Web has to offer.  That's right, SheerLuxe is different as it only showcases things that are available to buy online.  So these dream like products are only a few clicks away!  

SheerLuxe Homepage

I am an online shopping-oholic, I love the convenience of shopping in my pyjamas, browsing everything I need to buy from the comfort my sofa with the dog snuggled on my knee.  It's easy, reliable and adds a perk to your day when a parcel is delivered to your home or office.  It's like receiving a gift - bought and paid for by yourself but hey ho, a 3-5 day delivery time can erase that part from your memory.  

I admit it, I am bias about this online shopping malarky, I have worked in the business for years and now own my very own online boutique.  But this 'insider knowledge' has made me quickly aware of what makes a bad 'online' experience, and therefore I feel I am allowed to gloat about SheerLuxe and its usability...and above all the gorgeous products it showcases that makes my Mastercard twitch inside my purse.  

There is so much to SheerLuxe but I would recommend the following:  

  • Their blogs.  I love reading new blogs and SheerLuxe have every corner covered, from beauty, fashion and recipes, pop this on your 'Must Read' list.  
  • I make a point of looking through their Hot Products as they always seem to stumble upon something fabulous and new.  
  • Everyone loves a bargain so check out their offers page for discounts in lots of lovely online boutiques. 

I hope I have let you in to a little online secret.  Happy browsing!

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