Friday, 24 August 2012

Everyday Opulence

I am constantly inspired by understated and simple interior design, however I am also constantly drawn in to the opposite end of the spectrum with opulent, extravagant and lavish design (my alter ego you could say!).  Surely, both of these styles can work together in unison, and I'm a firm believer that they can, and I call it Everyday Opulence.  This look is not ostentatious, lets just say...plush!   

To create Everyday Opulence Butterfly Lane would suggest the following 10 must haves:

1.  Velvet
2.  Glassware
3.  A lighting scheme using lamps and candlelight
4.  Textured and detailed cushions
5.  A little bit of sparkle
6.  Pearls
7.  Fresh flowers 
8.  Shimmering fabrics 
9.  Fanciful accessories
10.  A chandelier.

Creating sumptuous interiors is all about accessorising and here at Butterfly Lane we have some fabulous accessories that will turn your home in to a luxuriant and palatial hide-away!  Here are some of our favourites...

View our Candle Holder collection

Opulent Jewelled Napkin Rings

Gorgeous Sparkling Photo Frame

Glass Etched Decanter 

Glass Trinket Jar
Every room in your home can have an opulent feel, and my no means least should be the bathroom.  Below are some gorgeous examples of how bathrooms can look luxurious...remember the glassware and the obliquity chandelier.  

I am usually a strict neutral lover, and nothing else will do.  I do feel that vivid colour can create an overpowering look.  However, these images below are just beautiful and the sharp accents of colour add to the opulent and regal feel.

Purple Accents

Green Accents
Everyday Opulence can be fashioned in any room in your home.  See below a stunning kitchen, with splendid chandelier, and bedroom with the most fabulous, luxurious and opulent bed!  

Have fun creating a palatial and plush home.

Remember to visit our new online boutique, Butterfly Lane, to find gorgeous home accessories to make your house a beautiful home full of Everyday Opulence!  

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