Freelance Writing and Guest Blogs

If you would like Butterfly Lane to be a guest blogger on your website, or for any freelance writing enquiries please contact Nikki Wright on

Interior Design Consultations

Our customers care about their surroundings, and they want their homes to look and feel just right.  This means comfort, practicality and a true reflection of personality.  We will create a home that works for you and that provides a peaceful and inspiring background for your busy life.  

Our design service is guided by your needs and your wishes, and this will create our interpretation of your requirements.  We will never impose our ideas, instead finding out what matters to you the most.

Realising your dream will be effortless with this personal service.  Put your mind at ease and let us transform your home and manage the course of your design journey.  

To book an appointment or make an enquiry please email us on 

Event Styling

Butterfly Lane will make your special event beautiful.  From weddings, birthday parties, Christenings, to a fabulous garden party we are here to add those special touches and design features that will make your event unforgettable.

For further information please contact us on

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