Friday, 13 July 2012

We Love Helen Turkington: Interview

I recently discovered a wonderful interior designer, her style is sophisticated, liveable and oh so elegant.  Her name?  Helen Turkington.  Helen's style instantly grabbed me, her use of neutral tones and classic pieces is everything that Butterfly Lane represents, so I had to share my discovery with you.  

Helen is one of the UK and Ireland's most influential designers, so I feel like I am slightly behind the times with my so called 'find', but better late than never!  I just love her effortless style and here are some gorgeous examples of her work...

Helen very kindly agreed to an interview with Butterfly Lane.  I hope her answers inspire you to create beautiful interiors, I know she inspired me...

How would you describe your style?

Contemporary classic, combined with understated elegance.  Because a lot of our clients have town houses and country houses I tend to give them a comfortable yet elegant city home and a more laid back accessible country look.  

We really believe in carefully building our colour palettes with neutrals being the core of the look, and accents of colour to bring it to life.  

I love to mix old with new and make something look effortlessly stylish.  It's all about mixing it up but knowing your particular style, I am not a slave to trends and know when a room has just enough detailing to make it unique.  

What is your inspiration?

Lots of things, from different colours in nature, travelling to different countries sourcing fabrics always inspires new ideas.  I love classic old houses with beautiful features, old textiles, sourcing artwork for clients always makes you see things differently.  

I love getting new interior magazines from Europe and the States to see what they are doing.  There is inspiration everywhere.  

What is on your current wish list for your home?

A garden room and a new study so I can work from home in my own creative space.  I am always on the move between our various shops and my iPad is my portable office.  I would love to have my own creative space away from kids, cooking, dogs and daily life.  

How do you unwind after a stressful day at the office?

I go home to my children which is a different challenge and makes you instantly forget about work, until their bedtime.  I usually spend my evening mulling over the day just gone by and making notes for the next one.  I love to watch a good film or read a book.  

How would you spend the perfect weekend?

No phones or emails, a lazy morning with kids and out to a party or dinner with friends in the evening.  And Sunday is all about family time and a walk on the beach.  

Do you favour country living or city chic?

City chic because I love the buzz of the city, especially London.  It's such an inspiring town with great restaurants, galleries and a never ending choice of amazing specialist shops.  

What is the favourite part of your job?

When you see a project finished exactly as you and the client wanted, a happy client!  So satisfying and makes it all worth while.  

What are you top three tips on creating the perfect Helen Turkington home?

Keep it simple, get your paint colours right for the house and the key element in finishing the look is to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!  

Thank you Helen!  

View Helen's website here, and follow her on Facebook.  

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