Friday, 27 July 2012

The Art Of Display

Oh I love home accessories, the small details that make a house a home.  The way you display your favourite things can really transform the look of a room and create a stylish focal point.  I'm not a huge advocate of fussy and cluttered interiors, however, these gorgeous images really showcase that a decadent display of beautiful things can look truly fabulous.  The key is to keep the colours simple and muted, all with the same tones, et voila a beautiful display of beautiful things!  The only down side is all the dusting...

A beautiful display of kitchen accessories.  The frames perched behind really lift the accessories

A simple display of plain white porcelain

A gorgeous pantry
It's not only your kitchen accessories that you can display creatively, but also your frames.  The way the frames below are both hung on the wall, in an apparent 'random' pattern, and also a collection leaning casually against the wall looks super stylish.  

There is something very elegant and dramatic about having more than one of the same accessory.  Repetition just looks so good!  I am a massive fan of this and often buy two or three of the same thing to give it a stronger look.  This look works so well with candle holders and vases, and the image below look stunning with three identical glass jars.  Swoon.  

Here at Butterfly Lane we have a thing about sparkling glassware, which will become more apparent when our online boutique launches with it's dedicated glassware department.  Anyway, I digress.  The sideboard in the image below look fabulous with the three glass jars perched on top.  Simple and chic.  

Three Glass Jars (looking super chic)

For a country cottage feel why not use a selection of distressed jugs and a dose of repetition and create an interesting centre piece on your table.

Enjoy playing with your accessories to create an interesting display.  Let us know how you get on.  

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