Monday, 9 April 2012

A Feminine Study Required Please

A study is a very personal space, a place for concentration and hard work, or maybe just a place for you to carry out your internet shopping!  In any case a study needs to have an air of calm and retreat, and this is different for different people.  I worked for the designer Sir Paul Smith for many years and his offices were an amalgamation of clutter and intrigue, he is a hoarder to say the least.  Books, old bikes, name it, he has it in his office.  However, this is how he works best, surrounding himself with inspiration and creativity.  I am certainly at the other end of the spectrum!  I like a clean, tidy and above all, organised office.  As I now work for myself, my home is my office, from the kitchen table, sofa or kitchen work top, I am all over the place and this is not ideal for my organisation.  Time for a change I reckon, and this week I  embark on my new project of creating a feminine, calm and above all organised home office to be proud of and to inspire me on a day-to-day basis.

Now the word 'feminine' fills the boyfriend with dread, as he often has to work on the weekend it is a place that he needs to use too, so he is desperately trying for me to remove the words 'feminine office' from my vocabulary!  However, feminine doesn't have to mean girly , with flourishes of floral, pink and glitter...oh no no no this is not what I'm thinking!  Instead, I'm using my usual neutral colour palette, (this morning I have painted three options on the wall and decided on Clunch by Farrow and Ball, a chalky, beigey, taupey shade of calm).  I have finally decided on the fabric for the window, a beautifully heavy printed silk in a contrasting tone to the wall colour. All I need to do now is find the perfect desk, add a Jo Malone relaxing candle, along with some other elegant desk top accessories and hey presto an office is born!   

The most difficult decision is for the study furniture, in particular the desk and chair.  Here are some images that I am taking inspiration from...

Dormy House make the most beautiful Filing Ottomans that I will definitely be ordering.  They are such a feminine option instead of a clumsy filing cabinet and I can't wait to place my order.  It is entirely bespoke, choose your own fabric (from Dormy House or your own option), choose the feet and the inside design to your own specification.  What a great addition to any study.  Prices start from £210 for the larger size.  

I have just bought this cute Eiffel Tower letter rack, so lovely to hold your special notes and letters in.  Everyone needs a bit of Paris at home...

...and I love this traditional cream and black telephones.  The one in pewter is particularly gorgeous!  

I will let you know how the finished article turns out, stay tuned...X

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