Friday, 14 December 2012

More Christmas Decorating Tips

Create a Beautiful Home for Christmas

Decorating my home for Christmas is one of my most favourite things to do.  So here are a few more of my festive inspirations to make your home beautiful this Christmas…

A Winter Welcome

Give bits of ribbon left over from present wrapping a new life as sweet tree decorations.  Or use them to decorate a garland or wreathe to welcome winter guests.  The ribbon colours and patterns don’t need to match exactly, as their simple shape will tie the look together.  Begin by knotting the ribbon in to simple bows around a few inches of floral wire.  Next twist the wire to secure the bows to tree branches indoors or out. 

Hang from the Chandeliers

Decorate your light fittings with sweet hanging decorations and fill with foliage like mistletoe, holly and ivy.  

Visions of Sugar Plums

“The Night Before Christmas” comes to life with this fabulous festive fruit.  Pile the sparkling fruit in to a bowl for an easy and whimsical festive centerpiece. 

Deck the door knobs with hanging decorations, to spread festive cheer throughout the home.  

Deck the Halls 

This wreath chandelier looks grand and difficult to make, but it couldn’t be simpler or more stunning.  Just take two wreathes and beautiful satin ribbon, tie bows and hang. 

By Candle Light 

Candles create a warming and festive glow to your home.  Stock up with church candles and elegant tapers to stack on your mantelpiece, coffee table or sideboard for a stunning result.  

Have a look at our candle collection from Butterfly Lane.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without fairy lights, inside and outside!  So I couldn’t live without my battery operated lights over the festive season.  Wrap them around your wreath on the front door, over pot plants or hedges to give a festive twinkle all night long.  Or use inside your home and drape over your fireplace for a cosy yet glamorous look. 

Battery operated fairy lights are available from Wilkinson’s.  

The Butterfly Lane Christmas collection is now available to buy online.

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