Sunday, 9 December 2012

We Love Wreaths

I am ashamed to say that my little blog has been neglected over the past few weeks, as Christmas fever at struck Butterfly Lane HQ.  Not only have we been busily wrapping gifts and decorations for customers but we have been attending Christmas event after event, but I am pleased to say that yesterday saw the last bauble wrapped and glass of mulled wine guzzled (on 'work' time anyway), so I am now embarking on the last few pre-Christmas days to spread some Christmas joy from the blog...and get my home Christmas ready of course!  

Christmas is by far my most favourite time of the year.  The perfect opportunity to be extravagant with your home decor, add some sparkle, shimmer and everything in between.  It is officially time to Deck the Halls, an event at Butterfly Lane HQ which I am almost ashamed to say takes a good few days to assemble.  Well, I told you I am slightly over the top with my decorations.  

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the obligatory trees, baubles and festive food, however, one thing that can be organised at the beginning of the festive season is your Christmas wreath and garlands, these are a great way to get creative, whether you use real foliage, fruits, pinecones, baubles or fake greenery, here are some of our favourites...

Wreaths traditionally hang beautifully in splendour from your front door or gate to welcome guests, but they also look amazing inside your home too.  Glistening bauble versions do just the trick inside your home and you can use different shades to complement your colour scheme.  

I am someone who buys a lot of things in three's to decorate a home.  Whether it is three identical jars, candle holders or in this case just looks so good!  This dining room definitely has the 'wow' factor.  

Let's face it we will all be spending a lot of time in the kitchen over Christmas and therefore I think it's always a great idea to trim up the space for the festivities.  I always have a Christmas tree in my kitchen, full of glistening fruits and precious decorations, along with  a garland draped over the dresser.  It really does get me in the Christmas spirit, if the bubbling aroma of mulled wine on the stove doesn't create enough joy!  With a kitchen in mind, fruit wreaths look so stylish hung against a dresser or door, and the pine cone version below is just gorgeous too!  

Why not go against the crowd and opt for a square wreath!  I love this homemade one below...

As I'm sure you've picked up from my other blogs I'm all about fairy lights, so my penchant comes in to full force in December, white lights twinkling in trees, indoor and out.  I could not live without my battery operated fairy lights this time of year, especially to thread them around my front door wreath!

What is your favourite wreath style?  

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