Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Perfect Space For Little One's

Children clearly change the dynamic of a home, not only in noise levels and the scattering of toys (they have so much stuff!), but also with the styling and organisation of your space.   I'm talking about storage!  It's obviously not possible to confine toys and general kiddy stuff to a playroom or bedroom, so in my most recent project I've been thinking about how to make a home family friendly, whilst still being stylish, elegant and organised.

I love this image to the left.  The stylish dining room still screams 'adult', but the little chairs and desk is an ideal space for colouring and craft time and an area for homework.  By using simple storage boxes for pens and papers the children's desk still has a grown up feel.  Love the chalkboard too for family lists!  

The below image is so stylish, clean and simple, and is also a great space saver and storage area for your little ones vast amount of stuff.  I think every child would love a bedroom like this.  Who doesn't love a ladder right?  

Don't get me wrong, I love an all out baby wonderland for a nursery.  I cannot get enough of soft cuddly toys, pastel shades and mobiles.  But these nursery's are so chic and understated, and I have fallen in love with them.  The grey and white in the below image is so subtle and calming.

Simple and elegant, this bunk bed filled room is just gorgeous!  The subtle taupes with the pale pinks is stunning.  The chandelier and porthole style mirrors give it a grown up charm.  

The sugary tones in this room are beautiful against the white back drop.  The sparkling chandelier gives that grown up influence once again. 

Children should have a stylish space too!

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