Friday, 2 November 2012

A Little Inspiration Required

I have been lacking quite a lot of inspiration of late.  Maybe it's due to the 'renovation' meandering along at what seems a glacial pace, as builders continue to let us down, which continues to push the project back and back.  My dreams of a Beech House decadent Christmas seems to be spiralling in to non-existance.  

Log Delivery
But on a positive note, next week sees the fitting of our log burning stove in the sitting room, so the copious amounts of logs that were delivered a few weeks back will be getting used pretty sharpish now the weather has turned wintery.  We were planning on having a log burning stove in the kitchen too, but our lovely stove expert convinced us not to, as we have a gorgeous and ornate surround that will be ideal for an open fire.  So he will be fitting the grate and most importantly disconnecting the gas to allow for an open fire.  I cannot wait! 

Most rooms in Beech House, apart from the kitchen and bathrooms are ready to decorate, we are just waiting for a few messy jobs, like the kitchen and bathrooms to be transformed before we put the finishing touches on the rooms (brick dust and builders  might well wreck our light and airy scheme!).  

I am still entirely focused on having a home that flows. Working with a limited colour palette of neutrals will mean that the house (and any home) will have one style, will flow effortlessly from room to room and will appear bigger as a result.  Obviously pops of colour can be introduced using accessories.  But what can I say, it's the Butterfly Lane way!  

I have managed to find a few images for every room in the house that have ignited my inspiration this week.  Have a look below...

The Bedroom:  Clean, crisp and elegant.  With hints of shimmer in the textiles, mirrored furniture and strong black accents, this is a calm retreat.

The Entrance Hall:  Light and airy, these rooms create a sophisticated and welcoming entrance to your home.  The creams and soft greys look just stunning.  The dog is a cute addition too!  

The Kitchen:  Sophisticated and simple.  The marble just screams luxury.  

The Sitting Room:  I just love the cool greys and beiges against the clean white.  The stone fireplace is a stunning feature!  This room screams less is more, with simple paintings hung on the wall with great effect, and the TV (which lets face is the bain of any room design!), tucked neatly above the fire place so you can hardly see it! 

I hope you are a little inspired by the images I have discovered this week,I know that I am!  

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  1. I love these colour schemes but with two labradors I've got no chance of keeping a house that clean! I've gone for Farrow & Ball Elephant's Breath in the hall, that's as brave as I dare get!

    I really sympathise about builders letting you down - they are a law unto themselves aren't they? Chin up :-) xx

  2. I've gone for Elephant's Breath in one of the bedrooms - it's lovely! Tempted for the sitting room too.

    Oh builders are a nightmare, we have another list to go through. Oh just hate being delayed...and delayed!

    Have a good weekend!



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