Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Pampered Pooch - Homemade Dog Treats

My little dog Maggie is a pretty pampered pooch to say the least.  Guaranteed snuggles on the sofa, fashionable collars and leads, long country walks, and this next statement makes me sound slightly ridiculous, but dog lovers will understand...a regular hot water bottle!  A tradition that started when she was a little 8 week old puppy when she missed the warmth from her siblings in the litter, and she let me know by crying...and yelping...and whining all night long.  Three years have passed by and the hot water bottle is still a common feature in Maggie's world.  

I spent my Halloween evening spoiling my beloved westie further by whipping up a batch of healthy dog treats.  Here is how I got on...

The Finished Article
This evening I decided to try out a recipe that I got from our friends at Bill & Eddie, a fabulous dog outfitter which keeps Maggie very stylish indeed.  I really hate giving Maggie dog chews and treats that are full of, lets face it...rubbish!  So I decided to whip up a batch of homemade and super healthy dog biscuits.  Plus they make a great present for doggy friends too!  Bert the crazy whippet and Tallulah the cocker spaniel, you might get a jar of these treats under the Christmas tree this year!

Here is the recipe...


1.5 Cups Oat Flour
1.5 Cups Brown Rice Flour
1 tsp Cinnamon 
1 Cup Rolled Oats
0.5 Cup Oat Bran
1 Large Free Range Egg
0.5 Cup Mashed Banana 
0.5 Cup Water


1.  Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees, or 200 degrees with a fan assisted oven

2.  Add all the ingredients in to a large bowl and mix together in to a dough.  If it's looking a bit dry, add some more water

Pop all the ingredients in to a mixing bowl together.
*wine for baker only!

Mix well and add extra water if it's looking a bit dry
3.  Roll mixture in to small balls (about 2cm diametre), then place on a non-stick baking tray

4.  Flatten slightly with your thumb, I then scored each with a knife so they can easily be broken in to smaller treats

Ready to go in to the oven
5.  Bake for 25 - 30 minutes until golden brown

6.  Place on a wire rack to cool

7.  Store in room temperature in an air tight container.

I've decided to put my biscuits in to small kilner jars as I'll be giving them away as gifts, but I will be putting a few (well, quite a lot), in to a biscuit tin for Maggie!  

Kilner jars ready to be filled
I found this gorgeous ribbon to decorate the jar with...

The outcome:  Maggie loved them!  She was licking her lips, barking for more and pretty much licking the floor clean.  Definite doggy validation! 

Ready to devour!

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