Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Thoughtful Christmas Shopping List

As the festive season approaches and the last few pre-Christmas pay days are ahead of us (*shriek in horror!), the annual gift panic is beginning to hit me.  I am a semi-organised person, meaning I write lots of lists but rarely tick things off them, and end up thinking of a million other things to do, hence starting a new list!  An exhausting cycle.  

However, one of my favourite Christmas time activities is creating a gift shopping list, listing friends and families names with various gift options.  The key to shopping over this hectic period is to STICK TO THE LIST and the saviour of all saviours, the internet!  I love purchasing at a click of a button and crossing a name off the satisfying.  I know Mary Portas would scowl a me and call me for contributing to the death of the highstreet, but honestly I need the convenience these days and cannot take the moral high ground, especially as I run an internet business myself.  

However, I do fondly remember the days when I was little, venturing in to town with my dad to find the perfect present for my mum.  These days, unfortunately, are long behind me, and I would much rather shop in my PJ's with a large mug of mulled wine...sorry dad!

There is nothing better than finding the perfect gift for someone, I find it truly exciting and I am extremely lucky that my family always seems find me something really thoughtful in return.  I think thoughtfulness is the key to present buying.  Like the time I saw a stunning ring in September, which I had forgotten all about come December, but found it under the Christmas tree, and the time the boyfriend picked out a stunning piece of artwork for me that he knew I would just love.  However, on the flip side I have received some rather selfish gifts during my teenage years, from my teenage brother who would consistently buy me things he wanted.  Every thirteen year old girl craves a Nintendo handset and Starwars box set right?  Sorry for shaming you dear brother!  

Stockings full of 'thoughtful' gifts
I have a friend who every year makes me something, from aprons to oven gloves, she is a complete whizz and amazingly thoughtful.  It is so special that she goes to all the time and effort in making me something that I would love.  

I don't think there is any nicer gesture than receiving a handmade batch of cookies or my annual selection of chutney's and pickles, it's love wrapped up in a parcel!  Here are some gorgeous examples below.  Just pop them in a kilner jar with a big extravagant bow and hey presto, one thoughtful gift.  However, if the boyfriend is reading this don't feel obliged to hold back on the Chanel!  

So let's make 'thoughtfulness' the key to present buying success this Christmas.  Start keeping your ears and eyes open to what your love ones want...and start making a list.  The countdown is on!

Happy shopping everyone...X


  1. I could have written this, I'm exactly the same with my lists, I already have my gift planning done and I always shop online - it's just too busy to face the masses in real shops! xx

  2. New notebook for you this Christmas? Glad to hear someone else is the same as me! X


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