Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn Shades

Autumn is truly in full swing with Virginia Creepers turning sumptuous shades of burnt orange and deep warming reds, and the streets (and my back garden for that matter) are beginning to fill with crunchy leaves.  It is a time of year that triggers the hibernation button in my brain and makes me want to fill my days with baking, pickling and making jam!  

Oh I know I'm going on, but I do just love this time of year, not only because we all can start to light a cosy fire and snuggly up in our finest cashmere knits, but also because the colour palette is just so dreamy!  Think deep autumnal shades of oranges and deep purples, and the introduction of texture and heavy textiles in to a room that just scream 'let's stay in'.

In homage to the symbol of autumn 'the pumpkin', orange can look spectacular in any room.  However, orange is a scary colour to work with, but if done right, with the right shade and the right complimenting accessories, it can look great!
Orange Room

Orange Hallway
Orange Sitting Room

Orange Accessories
Purple tones can look super cosy for this time of year and along with the Butterfly Lane pre-requisite of design...sparkling glass and shimmering home accessories, it can look elegant to boot.
Luxurious purple sitting room
What's your favourite Autumn shade?


  1. I do love a burgundy at this time of year! It makes a whole room feel warm (and kind of Christmassy!) xx

  2. Oh lovely, I can visualise it now! Very rich and warming...X


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