Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pumpkin Time

Halloween is looming, and if like me, you enjoy to buy a pumpkin or two for your home, I thought I would showcase some alternative and oh so stylish ways to style your pumpkins this year.  So it's not all ghoul...more autumnal, understated and gorgeous!

I'm all about the final result, so I love thinking about the design of a pumpkin but in reality hate the process of scooping out all of the 'insides' and the mess that comes along with it.  I wish you could buy a prepared pumpkin which is just ready to idea anyone?  Although a potential pumpkin pie or some pumpkin soup is a good outcome to all the 'scoopage'!   

So with all this in mind I just love the idea of buying a beautifully shaped pumpkin (even ridges, pert stork and an even round shape - yes I did just type that, I sound like a pumpkin connoisseur!).  Instead of cutting it in to pieces and making a spooky face with a knife and an artistic hand, just simply paint the thing!  Avoid the all out Halloween look and instead it turns itself in to a chic autumnal kitchen accessory.  

Painted Pumpkins

Grey Painted Pumpkins

I particularly like these cream painted pumpkins that have been used on this table setting.  

Cream Painted Pumpkins
Or how about metallics and mirrors...

This pale pumpkin looks so stylish, and not a hint of horror film about it.

If you are more traditional with your pumpkin choice and think the obligatory orange is the way forward, how about these ideas?  I love how simple but super effective these pumpkins are.  Just drill a few holes and the candle light gives a beautiful effect.  This is one I will definitely be trying at home.  

What a sweet idea for a home made candle holder...

And these mini pumpkins in a vase of twigs are so effective...

I hope you are inspired to experiment with your pumpkin designs this year, I know I am.  Let me know how you get on.  

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