Friday, 3 January 2014

Copenhagen: Interior Design Style

We landed in Copenhagen on New Years Eve for a scandi mini break, which was part of my birthday present from the hubby-to-be (very much looking forward to this changing to simply hubby in 2014!).

I'm not blown away by the city so far to be brutally honest, but this might well be due to the dull weather and illness...I don't want to be too harsh to a city that I haven't thoroughly explored yet, but surely the city that brought us Malene Birger can't be that bad!  I think it's also because I fell so completely in love with Stockholm (different country I know, but scandi nonetheless) that my expectations were set very high.    

As we sit in a hip cafe, the hubby-to-be, tucking in to a plate of raw meat and fennel...not quite in the mood myself, I delve in to the famous Danish design books and am pleased with what I see.

Lots of white, hints of black and minimal design features.  Here are some of my favourite images...  

Do you like Danish design?  

Our Copenhagen Travel Guide will be available soon...


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