Monday, 5 May 2014

Dining in Style

The dining room is maybe the most unused room in your house, right?  Tucked away with a closed door until Christmas or the odd dinner party.  But that is no excuse to have a boring space, instead they should scream hospitality and style.  Here are some of my favourite styles at the moment for a decadent space...

I love everything about this room:  the plush carpet, the stylish furniture and the fun accessories, and the bowls of apples add that pop of colour in an informal way.

Lighting is so important in any room, but especially in the entertaining space in your home.  This statement chandelier gives the room an added wow factor, and those plush velvet chairs against the dark wood are sublime.  

I'm all about a round table at the moment, and I am on the hunt for the perfect one.  I love the idea of a glass top, but frankly with a baby on the way and a man with a severe cleaning disorder (fingerprints anyone), I think this might push us over the edge but keep Pledge in business!  But in theory, this style is 'the one'.  So instead I am looking for a table with a pedestal base or something 'unique', and I think this suite below is just gorgeous! 

I think a dining room is a great space to experiment with colour (I know, I know says the girl with the grey...white...sometimes taupe house!).  But a bold colour works very well in a dining room, just see below...

A roaring fire is the dream in a dining room, especially for festive entertaining.  I had to showcase this dining room below simply for the stunning, albeit modern, fire place.  It sits perfectly against a traditional table and chairs.   

A pop of colour but this time not on the walls!  These chairs work perfectly against the lacquered black table and vibrant violet flowers. 

What is your dream dining room like?

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