Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dining Room Decadence

The dining room is a room that, lets face it, is used pretty infrequently if you have a kitchen/diner.  However, it always adds a sense of occasion when you use this room, as it is earmarked for special occasions - Christmas, dinner parties and birthday's.  I always remember my mother's dining room, shut off from everyday use, with cabinets full of her best china and crystal, with the walnut table glossed to an inch of its life, the smell of polish overwhelming!  However, I think dining room's should be embraced as an everyday room and I have been inspired by some absolutely gorgeous images.  The images below still have an air of formality and celebration but are absolutely liveable...

So, the table is very important.  At the moment I love the idea of a large round table, they add a point of difference compared to your usual rectangular option but are also a lot more sociable, as a table full of guests can interact with each other a lot easier.  

Gorgeous chandelier hanging over the round table
Sometimes a dining room can conjure up images of dark, serious rooms.  However, here at Butterfly Lane we are about light and airy spaces, sophisticated but completely liveable.  By using beautiful accessories, like sparkling chandeliers, glassware, candle holders and fresh flowers it will individualise the room and create a space that is liveable and welcoming but with will still have that important design twist.  

Great lights add interest to a simple table

Perfectly set for a dinner party with ample of fresh flowers

A simple room with minimal accessories
This dining room has a little more 'quirk' to it and the lights that hang over the table are such a statement.  The green tone add warmth and welcome, and the contrasting fabric on the two carver chairs adds an individual twist on the otherwise simple room.  

Make your dining room an everyday space and try not to lock it away waiting for a special occasion.  

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  1. Gorgeous! I wish I had a room filled with such elegance! I can't wait to purchase our first home and dive in to some home decore :D

  2. Glad you liked the post Ashley! Good luck with finding your perfect home to fill with gorgeousness! Our online shop launches next week so you will be able to find lots of elegant home accessories to fill it with when the time comes!


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