Saturday, 30 June 2012

Love Light - Part One, The Ceiling Light

I can't stress the importance of a good lighting scheme enough.  It can create the right ambience in a room, and so many different looks.  Cosy, romantic, party, cheerful to name just a few.  Now I'm going to start my mini series of lighting blogs with my utmost favourite, the ceiling light...with lamps coming in a close second.  

I have made no secret in the past about my love affair with a chandelier - in any room from the bathroom, kitchen or cloakroom!  They give an elegance and glamour that is necessary in any room design in my opinion.  As long as you keep the rest of the room simple, otherwise you can create a very fussy look that is not typically Butterfly Lane.  

The interior is simple in the rooms below and the fabulous light features really create a stand out room with an amazing focal point.

Plain and simple dressing room with a fabulous light feature

As I have already said, I think chandeliers can work well in any room and below, I have found a collection of images where a chandelier looks just fabulous in a kitchen!

Myself and the boyfriend are currently designing our kitchen and we are carefully deigning our lighting concept with the electrician.  From lighting inside the cabinets, within shelves and surrounding the Aga, we want to create a multi functional scheme that will give our kitchen different 'vibes' on different occasions.  We have decided on a triple threat over the dining table, three beautiful lights hanging independently.  My inspirational images are below...

Stay tuned for more lighting blogs in the coming weeks...

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