Monday, 17 September 2012

London Travel Guide: Eat at the Hawksmoor

London is by far one of my favourite cities.  Whenever I am there it strikes me how lucky we are to have such an amazing capital, it's something that we probably do take for granted.  I have been meaning to write a Butterfly Lane London Travel Guide for some time now, so with the worldwide buzz surrounding the city at the moment, with Fashion Week kicking off  last Saturday and after hosting the biggest sporting event, like,  ever, what was I waiting for? 

There is just too many amazing things to do in London Town but I don't want to rival a Lonely Planet with options, however for my own sanity, I'm going to split my Travel Guide in to What To Do, Where To Sleep, Where To Shop...and of course Where To Eat.  

Now, I am partial for a good restaurant and London is full to the brim, so this week I will bring you a daily dose of Butterfly Lane's favourite eateries.

Here is the first Butterfly Lane London Where to Eat instalment. Enjoy.  


The boyfriend has a trusty restaurant of choice in London which has certainly rubbed off on me too.    Whether for business meetings or dinner with friends the Hawksmoor is such a great option.  It is quite simply a meat lovers paradise and the Hawkmoor steaks are often called the best in London.  A steakhouse, come cocktail bar (an element of girly pleasure in between all the meat), with a stella selection of top-notch British beef and gorgeous accompaniments.  But it's more than just a steak house, with a mouth-wateringly good selection of fish for starters, the Dorset oysters are incredible and did I mention that the cocktail list is to die for!  The staff are amazingly clued-up and help you choose the perfect cut of meat and give a helping hand with the extensive wine list.  One tip...arrive hungry!    

As for the interior, think a very stylish gentlemen's club, lots of dark wooden panelling , luxurious leather upholstered seating and glazed bricks.  Elegant, old-school and timeless.

What we ordered:  

Chateaubriand to share, with sides of grilled bone marrow (got to try it to love it!), triple cooked chips, heritage tomato salad and cream spinach.  All served with bone marrow gravy.

What we drank:

One for the boys!  Shaky Pete's Ginger Brew:  Gin, homemade ginger syrup and lemon juice, topped with London Pride.

Champagne Charlie:  Gin, lemon, homemade Seasonal Fruit Syrup, charged with Champagne.  

Restaurant locations:  Spitalfields, Seven Dials, Guildhall

Please try this restaurant, you'll love it I'm sure.  

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