Monday, 18 March 2013

A Stroll to Columbia Road Flower Market

After a lazy brunch on Sunday morning where I massively indulged on pancakes with a side of well...everything, the fiance and I (still feels strange saying that!), decided to have a walk to Columbia Road flower market, and brave the hectic central isle of the flower stalls.  I have been meaning to visit for some time now and the fact that it is only a short walk from the fiances London pad was an added bonus.  

However nice it is to have a Sunday stroll it was shortly ruined by the freezing temperatures, accompanied by our inappropriate clothing gear anyone please!?  It was the sort of cold that cuts straight through you, so we had to stop en route and buy a very wooly hat!  

I was lured to Columbia Road not only by the prospect of stunning fresh flowers, but hopefully the 'reasonable' prices too.  


I am always taken slightly aghast when my beloved hydrangeas cost £20 for a mere four, so I was very happy to see them on sale at Columbia Road for £7 a bunch!  

It's not all about flowers and it was nice to pop in to some of the lovely independent boutiques along the road and in the area.  We fell in love with a gorgeously elegant sofa and chair at Richard Ward at WAWA which would look perfect in our study, and there are some lovely looking tea and cake shops, although we didn't partake after our mammoth pancake indulgence at brunch.

So what did I buy...

I bought some pretty Cherry Blossom at £7.50 a bunch and I just love it.  

Columbia Road Flower Market is open 8am until 3pm (ish) every Sunday. 

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