Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Design Blogger 'Interior Thinking' Picks Her Favourite Things From Our New Collection

Our friend at Interior Thinking has chosen her favourite things from our new collection.  See what she can't live without below....


With the sun just about managing to battle its way through the clouds, the changing of the clocks drawing nearer and Easter Sunday just around the corner, it’s pretty safe to say that spring is well and truly on the way! Thank goodness for that.

Along with hiding from wasps and bulk-buying hay fever tablets, this is the season for spring cleaning, and whether it is in your day to day life or in your home, there’s something about spring which just cries out for a fresh start! They say a tidy home makes for a tidy mind, and while I don’t know about that, I’m pretty sure a nicely accessorised one certainly won’t do any harm… any excuse eh?

It’s amazing how little it can take to completely transform a room, and you don’t even need to don your overalls and dig out your DIY manual to do so. All it takes are a few new pieces to breathe life into old d├ęcor. Plus there’s no risk of accidently drilling through a water pipe! Bye bye holiday fund…

 The new collection from Butterfly Lane has a great selection of reasonably priced, yet unique and beautiful pieces which are perfect for adding a little spring sunshine to your home. From cushions to mugs, Butterfly Lane has it all! Below are some of my favourite items from the new collection, and how I would use them in certain rooms.

A Butterfly Lane Kitchen

One of the biggest interior design trends this season is monochrome. The classic and forever stylish combination of black and white is not just for the winter months- you can also channel this look during spring and summer with a few carefully chosen accessories.

For example, these monochrome prints are timeless and sure to suit a range of kitchens, while these intricate napkins are a great way to introduce the monochrome trend into your home without committing. You can justify your monochrome additions as practical too with this adorable apron and matching oven gloves.

A Butterfly Lane Living Room

Spring is the perfect time to revamp one of the most used rooms in your home, the living room. As it is the room where you will often entertain your guests over the coming months (especially if the Great British weather makes a BBQ a no-no) make sure it is looking its best with some new additions.

  Reclaim some femininity and no-fuss luxury with a scattering of comfy cushions in quirky, mismatched prints. Also, add a few decadent accessories such as this elegant candle holder, glass jar and hanging heart to revitalise the look of your living room.

A Butterfly Lane Bedroom

As it is the season for cleaning and organising your life, why not start with your bedroom? To make the task a bit easier and a lot prettier, invest in some beautiful bedroom accessories from Butterfly Lane.

Although usually reserved for tea bags in the kitchen, this teapot shaped dish makes the perfect dressing table tidy, while the matching mug would make an ideal makeup brush holder. Let your signature scent do the talking by decanting your favourite perfume into this vintage inspired perfume bottle, and keep loose cotton-wool buds or tissues in this adorable bird-topped jar or heart shaped dish. Also, who could resist tidying and organising their make-up collection when its home is this fun, printed bag?

Thanks Interior Thinking!www.interiorthinking.com

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