Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Time to Accessorise Your Garden

Perfect for a country cottage
It's that time of year where we are all beginning to spend more time in our gardens, and it's got me thinking about garden accessories.  Well, yes I'm sure you are thinking that a pretty array of flowers and shrubs are accessory enough for your garden, but I have found some lovely pieces to add a wow factor to your space.  I'm not talking gnomes and ornate statues, but instead simple accessories to add a point of difference to your garden.  

Garden centres (I'm lucky to have a fabulous one a couple of miles away) are great for collecting garden art and stylish pots and planters, but you can also make things too.  This plant pot wreathe is gorgeous for a country cottage, and filled with herbs will smell divine!  

If you want a more contemporary feel, keep everything uniformed.  These white plant pots in varying sizes look so stylish and filled with a classic buxwood looks chic. 


A garden mirror can create a feeling of space and tranquility in a courtyard garden and this one from Butterfly Lane (coming soon at £200) is gorgeous.

Place pre-orders at info@butterflylane.co.uk 

Garden tools can look stylish hung from the wall as a piece of art...

Fill mini plant pots with church candles for a nighttime glow.

 Do you like accessories in your garden?  

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