Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Mirror Affect

I'm a bit of a mirror junky, I love them in every room, in fact I have them in every room in my home, even my kitchen!  Now this addiction is not at all in a vain sense, but instead, in a styling sense. 

The main pro's of popping a mirror on the wall are:

1.  They make the space look bigger

2.  You can buy so many fabulous styles, so they are more like a thing of beauty than a functional accessory.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to accessorise a room with mirrors.

A fabulous triple mirror threat in this bathroom...

A mirrored wall in this bathroom crates the illusion of ample space and reflects the light.

 I love, love, love mirrored furniture and this piece is gorgeous...

No dressing table would be complete without a mirror.  This one is so elegant.

This simple shaped mirror creates the feeling of space.

This mirrored bed is just fabulous!

Do you love mirror?

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