Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

This week the fabulously floral Chelsea Flower Show is in town and it is a must for all you garden lovers.  Or if like me, you don’t particularly have a green thumb, you are sure to appreciate the stunning floral displays on offer.  You might just stumble across a new flower to include in your arrangements at home.   Nothing makes a home more welcoming and cheerful than a flower display in my opinion. 

I don’t think you need to be of a ‘certain age’ to enjoy the event, as The Telegraph harshly reported this week.  Here at Butterfly Lane we think that everyone can appreciate the beauty that is showcased at this unique show.  I visited the event a couple of years ago and loved the array of styles, stunning outdoor furniture and initiative lighting concepts on display.  It is inspiring to say the least.  I am off later in the week for my second Chelsea Flower Show adventure, as a guest of one of the Butterfly Lane suppliers. What a treat! 

Cleve West's Garden, Chelsea Flower Show 2012

I do not have the gardening gene (well, it hasn’t sprouted yet), but I completely love and appreciate a pretty, stunning and most of all, neat garden and it is something that I’m sure I’ll learn more about along the way.    

As summer days are here at last (for the moment anyway) I have abandoned the interior of my house renovation and am completely dedicated to create a floral haven!  However, a haven it is not!  The patio has been dug up and is currently being re-laid.  Concrete, brick dust and lots and lots of noise, is not what I envisaged for one of the hottest weekends of the year!  Where is my sanctuary of calm to accompany a chilled glass of Chardonnay?  Hopefully soon it'll be ready and will be transformed in to a CFS worthy garden...erm, here's wishing!

Here are, in my opinion are the fairest gardens of them all.  Courtesy of The Chelsea Flower Show and many talented and green-fingered folk. 

In ode to my favourite of favourite beverages, I just love the simplicity of the Laurent-Perrier garden.  Full of dusky pink flowers to complement the sponsor's champagne.  It is gold award winning too!

The Mediterranean hits Chelsea with the gold award winning L'Occitane Immortelle, Corsican rocky inspired garden.  Give me some olives, a bit of bread and leave me in this garden please, just divine!  

What’s been your favourite garden on show?  It would be lovely to hear from you.  


  1. We went along on Tuesday, such a fantastic day, great weather and lovely gardens. Cleve Wests garden was lovely and well deserved gold.

    Gaz: Alternative Eden

  2. Was a great show this year, Cleve Wests Garden was a stunner!


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