Friday, 18 May 2012

Reign Supreme: The Diamond Jubilee

Our gracious Queen is to celebrate 60 years on the throne on 5 June and the country is gearing up for one hell of a party.  From street parties to garden parties galore, village fetes and afternoon tea's, we are all feeling terribly British right now!  The main focus of the celebrations are in London town, and they are preparing to light up the city with spectacular events.  I am particularly looking forward to seeing the Thames Pageant, with over a thousands boats floating down the Thames, it’ll be one of the biggest flotillas ever assembled on the river, and it is sure to be an amazing sight! 

Sketch of how the Thames Boat Pageant will look

The shops are bursting with commemorative merchandise and I’m already getting in on the game.  I have just bought this fabulous tin of biscuits from the British favourite M&S, I’m so loving the keep-sake tin!  I must admit that I am a sucker for a collectable tin, I have a lot!  My excuse is that you never know when you’ll need one…to transport cakes and biscuits…to use as storage, the options are endless.  Another purchase has been bought today, my favourite  elderflower cordial has had a very patriotic makeover in ode of the Jubilee celebrations.  Love!

M&S Diamond Jubilee Biscuit Tin 

Belvoir Patriotic Elderflower

Here at Butterfly Lane we are loving what Harvey Nichols are doing for the Jubilee celebrations.  Their tongue in cheek designs are so much fun, I think a purchase might well be on the horizion!  This fabulously fun lunch box (£14.95) is in homage to a former royal footsmans revelation that Her Majesty keeps her corn flakes in Tupperware.  So why not keep your sandwiches or corn flakes in royal realms too!

Celebrate the Queens Jubilee with the most beloved of British drinks...tea!  These whimsical tea bags are so much fun and a steal at £4.95!

Also, these themed biscuits by Biscuiteers are just the ticket so go with your English cuppa!  Prices start at £9.00.

Pimms is by far the obligatory British drink for a hot summer’s day of celebration.  Here’s how to get the perfect mix…

  • Mix one part Pimms 
  • Three parts lemonade
  • Add sprigs of mint
  • Add slices of cucumber
  • Add orange segments 
  • Add fresh strawberries 
  • Serve over ice

Tally ho, get the Pimms ready, finger sandwiches prepared, hang the bunting and let’s have a jolly good time!

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