Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kitchen Love

I admit it; I am a ‘wannabe’ domestic goddess!  I love nothing more than hosting guests in my home, pouring drinks, laying out nibbles, and making everywhere look pretty.  This is why the kitchen is such an important room in my home, like it is for many other like-minded, homely folk. 

The kitchen is definitely the hub of our home, the domestic centre, the place where we entertain guests, socialise, eat, drink and be merry.  It’s the room in my home that is always buzzing with life and energy.  Cooking, laughing, eating and drinking, it is by far the most used of my rooms.  Well I say ‘cooking’, I have only just learnt how to whip up a successful meal on my Aga.  It no longer fills me with total dread come dinnertime!  In fact I have become somewhat fond of the old thing, and they do make a stunning feature after all.   

Gorgeous Aga

The black Aga looks great against the light kitchen

Country Chic
Aga Love:  All images from the Butterfly Lane Pinterest Page 

As you know by now I am currently renovating my Georgian home in the English countryside and in my opinion I am on my most exciting part of the renovation so far, the overhaul of the kitchen!  We have dreams of creating a fabulous farmhouse, yet elegant style kitchen.    I particularly love the two-tone options at the moment, with cream cabinets and a light grey island.  Muted, calm and subtly elegant, perfection!  

I have recently been spotting many a kitchen without the standard tile splash back and instead have a beautiful flush piece of marble, I really love this idea, it looks so chic.  Here are some images that are fuelling my kitchen inspiration at the moment…

Stunning Neptune Kitchen

Beautiful Neptune Kitchen

Country Kitchen

Duck Egg Kitchen
Here at Butterfly Lane we are completely in love with this pantry, it is so chic and coordinated!  A larder or pantry is such a great idea to store and organise your kitchen essentials, and one like this is simply to die for…

Beautiful and Organised Pantry
Sparkling glassware is a pre-requisite in any room in my opinion, and no less in the kitchen.  These incredible glass pineapples (very on trend at the moment) are sure to give your kitchen the wow factor.

I love glass jars to fill with pasta, seeds and nuts, they make such a gorgeous feature for your worktop or dresser and Butterfly Lane has a large variety available on the up and coming online boutique.  We have just taken delivery of these amazing ‘Stackers’, you can fill them with anything you like, tea and coffee, chocolates, the options are endless!  They were definitely a ‘one for me, one for Butterfly Lane’ moment when the delivery arrived!

Little Stacker, £19.95 from Butterfly Lane

Large Stacker, £44.95 from Butterfly Lane

(Email us on with any enquiries).

I love dining rooms, however the formality can sometimes be off putting, as it’s usually a room that you use on special occasions a handful of times a year, to me this is such a waste of space.  Therefore, I like the idea of creating a kitchen come dining room in my home, however I still want it to have the elegant edge that a formal dining room exudes.  How do you do this, I hear you ask?  Well this can be done by filling the dining area of the kitchen with less ‘kitchen like’ accessories, and by dressing the table in a more formal manner.  Also lighting is very important, I like to incorporate lamps in to rooms to give a more subtle, relaxed lighting scheme, and a sparkling chandelier can look fabulous hanging over the table to give it that decadent, elegant feel.

Dining Chic

Bring Dining Room Charm in to your Kitchen

Pretty Blue Accents

 Wish me luck with my kitchen quest, and in the meantime, fill your kitchen with beauty! 

*All images found on the Butterfly Lane Pinterest page.  


  1. My sister would LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! She is obsessed with kitchen beauty! I will be sure to share!

  2. I'm absolutely in awe of all of these photos and this post.
    So looking forward to having my own home and family one day. The kitchen truly is the best part of a home and I would simply love to have anything half as beautiful as what you've just shown us.

    Really liked this post :)

  3. So glad you like my post! I completely agree, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Glad you found some inspiration for your future home!


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