Friday, 4 January 2013

Simple Home Improvements for the New Year

This is a sponsored post by OKA Direct for Butterfly Lane.

The New Year is a time to think about goals that you hope to achieve in the up-and-coming year. With regards to your home, the New Year hails a time to ponder resolutions for a cleaner, more beautiful and maybe even more efficient abode!

This time of year presents the opportunity to indulge your creative side at home, embellishing it with simple touches. Look at what you have, what you want to achieve and what has potential to be modified. Making moderate changes can be done either manually or decoratively as is stated below:


Changes around the house come in many forms. De-cluttering is an easy way to give the house a new feel. Possessions accumulated over the course of the year can be stored in new stylish storage units which keep the house looking clean and fuss-free.

Decorative Changes 


Small additions transform a room. A new quilt throw or decorative array of scatter cushions in the bedroom instantly changes the feel of the room. Branching out and trying new, bold colours brighten up the home. Accessories or wall art or a change of lighting are a simple way of adding new touches to a room.


Each room can be changed through simple touches. Envisage changes you want to make at the start of the year, note them down and make it your project for the year, you could even review them mid-year to see what you have accomplished and how the home is a more comfortable, brighter place for the slight adjustments.

Joy Venner writes on behalf of OKA Direct. She enjoys writing about interior design ideas and home improvements.

This is a sponsored post by OKA Direct for Butterfly Lane.

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