Monday, 7 January 2013

The Colour of Spring 2013: Green

Firstly, a big (slightly delayed) happy New Year to you all!  I am full to the brim with enthusiasm for 2013, well I am like this at the beginning of every year I suppose, but this year I am determined to extend my enthusiasm levels past February.  This is the first full year that I will be embarking on Butterfly Lane the blog...and the shop...and after a rather successful soft launch at the back end of 2012 the whole team are super excited for the year ahead.

Lots of mint tea will be needed in January after
my month of travelling and it's the
the colour of the year too - bonus!
I had a momentary hint of sadness when packing away my fairy lights and Christmas decorations last week, mainly because it means the end of mince pie season!  However, it does symbolise a fresh beginning and looking forward in to spring and, rather excitingly, the new collections.  This weekend myself and the boyfriend are jetting off to Thailand for a week of winter sun (a rather lovely Christmas present from the man himself).  I am hoping not only to soak up the sun, spend ample time in the spa but also indulge in some retail therapy (more to follow on this I'm sure).  Then I touch down in London ready for the copious amounts of interior design shows which will take me to Stockholm, Paris...and Birmingham!  You will see the fruits of my labours in the coming months as the online boutique will be stocked full of gorgeousness.  

So, the colour of 2013 will be green.  From clothes, jewels and interiors this fresh shade will be dominant.  I have made it abundantly clear about my desire of neutral, uncompromising interiors, but a hint of colour is always welcome.  Green is such a fresh and spring-like shade, and a pop looks great against a neutral backdrop.  Seasonal colours can be tricky, do you really want to redecorate your entire home to stay en vogue?  Instead I suggest to just invest in some accessories.  Cushions, curtains, vases et al will really change the mood of a room and get it ready for the brighter months ahead.  

Here are a few mood boards to show the different spectrum of green shades.


Muted Green

I must admit, I am always drawn to green when it come to fashion, being a blonde it is a natural colour choice for me.  Whether it be knitwear, jewellery or dresses, it just works for me...I have even be known to have a dalliance with green trousers!  I absolutely adore muted cedar green, it screams out to me in a shop...but to decorate my home in this shade is another ball game, right?  Therefore, by using small snippets of green in accessories/fabrics works so much better for me, especially when the seasonal colours change so quickly. 

This room has been beautifully accessorised by using a hint of mint. 


Remember, flowers give a lovely pop of green too!



Enjoy accessorising your home ready for the new season.  Get in touch if you need any advice or if you have any helpful hints and tips for embracing the new season.  We love to hear from you.

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