Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Trend: Monochrome

This summer will see the fashion world divided between brights and monochrome,  and I know exactly which camp I'll be joining...the one of classic black and white.  No other two shades can look both effortless and stylish, even in humbug style stripes!  

This trend transcends in your home too, and it looks so understated and sophisticated.  A fresh backdrop of white with strong defining outlines of black looks fabulous and I can't wait to use the look in my home.  

Glamorous, spacious and oh so sleek, this a classic combination and one of my favourites.  Some may say it's cold or boring (how dare they!), but it really does brighten even the darkest of room.  

Here are some favourite monochrome styles from Butterfly Lane....

Ok, so this is more dark grey and white, but it still gives the same effect.  Striking and spacious...

This hallway is mainly white, which gives it a fresh and bright feel, but the contrast of the black banister and stairs adds drama and an added touch of elegance.  


This is by far one of my favourite bathroom layouts, it is just pure glamour!  The minimum colour palette, the sparkling chandelier and dark wood accents are just stunning.

Dramatic, fabulous and sleek, what is not to love about this sophisticated dining room?  Yes, it takes courage to paint a wall black, but against a backdrop of a white room in the distance, it doesn't look gothic, just glam.  

What an entrance hall!  The black door and matching banister creates a sleek space against the white background.

A great example of how accessories can transform a space.  The dark frames on the wall define the area.

Who said black and white is harsh?  This gorgeous and homely monochrome kitchen proves them wrong.  

This boudoir shows a softer side to monochrome...

Bright, airy and gorgeous!  The pop of purple flowers is a striking touch.

So, are you in the 'monochrome' or 'brights' camp this summer?  

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