Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Spring Time Cool Over

As spring time approaches, I feel the need to rid my home of cosy winter shades and accessories and give my home a well needed 'spring cool over'.   Your winter hideaway needs to morph in to a spring time palace, and this can be simply achieved by changing fabrics and lightening the shade of your accessories with a cooler palette of white, putty, pale grey...anything light light light!  

Why not banish your heavy weight curtains in the warmer months for an easy make-over.  These simple light weight, white and breezy curtains make this room have a spring time feel.  I imagine the breeze gently blowing through them whilst I relax with a glass of pinot.  Bliss.  

Firstly, I love this painting, but I'm wondering off point!  The pale grey on the walls with the light upholstery screams spring time chic. 

Flowers are beautiful anytime of the year, but introduce blossom stems and lashing of white for a truly spring like display in your home.

Pale walls, and this seasons must - spots and stripes!

Again, the palette is light and airy, along with the light weight curtains and spring time flowers, this room epitomises warm and lazy days...

A blissful boudoir of pale soft shades...

 Are you embarking on a springtime cool over?

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  1. I love Spring decorating - it's all about clean lines, mirrored furniture and pastel colours. Definitely my favourite season.


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